What is Google Pagerank Explained

What is Google Pagerank

"PageRank Just One Of Many Factors which influences SEO"

google pagerank

Pagerank is measure of the importance of a webpage in Google Search results. Pagerank is an old concept but now pagerank is one of many factor considered by Google to appear in Google search results.

pagerank was developed by one of Google founder Larry Page. the name pagerank probably comes form Larry Page. Before the pagerank introduction to search engine algorithem search engines will linked to webpages have higher keyword desnsity so people will cheat the Search Engines by creating lots of same keywords over and over to attract search engines and their pages will be ranked higher in Google search page results. Pagerank is patented by Stanford.

Importance of Pagerank:

Now we can measure importance of a webpage by measuring its pagerank. The theory behind pagerank is "the importance of a webpage in internet world is measured by how many links pointing to that webpage. Pagerank theory explains that incoming links to a webpage is measure or votes, where a page has higher incoming links get higher votes and ranked higher in the eye of Google crawlers, so Google will consider higher ranked pages in search results.

This theory makes sense, because people will make links to relevant and important content, so relevant content webpages get more links than other pages. By using this method Google can understand that which pages has relevant content. Also if incoming links has higher pagerank then that is also measued by Google and this will get importance.

Pagerank now:

Now people will understand the importance of pagerank in Google search results so they are trying to increase their own pagerank, this leads to so many attempts from webmasters all around the world. 'Link farming' one method for creating higher pagerank. Link farming is meant by creating link to other websites without its relevancy, and it may be automated. We sometimes enter into websites with a lot of link pointing to other webpages without any relevant matter in that link, this is called link farming.

But over the year Google updating their search formula again and again to filter off possible link farms. So take care when submitting your websites to low pagerank directories or directories without any pagerank, this directories or websites may be under the linkfarm category by Google and Google give less importance to links coming from these websites.

Calculate Google pagerank

Pagerank is measured form Zero to Ten. Zero the worst and Ten is reserved for Best websites on the internet. To find the pagerank of a website ues our Pagerank tool and display pagerank button on your website and tells your visitors that your page is important & relevent. Only few websites have Pagerank of 10.

Check websites with pagerank zero to 10.

Increase my pagerank:

If you want to increase your pagerank then you need to have "backlinks" or other websites linking to your web pages. This takes time and mostly if your pages has a good content other people will link to your wbsites automatically, but needs some time. Or you can create links from higher ranking websites by interchanging links to other quaity websites. Also you can register your websit with Good directories. Open directory Project is an example for this Check other Popular Directories.

The most effective way to increase pagerank is create original quality content and makes other people want to link your webpage.